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Trade Account Application Request

We are very limited in scope for trade discounts but very much appreciate that people like to share and pass on the knowledge of our products.

Some do so on a retail basis through their shop, some through therapy centers, some through rescue centres, some through a vet surgery and some through their dog training club.

If you intend to sell on Mekuti products please use the form below to let us know and we may be able to offer some discount on your regular purchases of our products. We can not guarantee you will be eligible but we will respond to your application as soon as we can. Please allow two working days.

  • Trade Account Application Request

    To apply for Trade Account please complete all questions.
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  • Trade Account Guidelines

    1. Mekuti will be the sole arbiter as to the eligibility of a Trade Account holder. Just applying for an account does not guarantee that status will be granted and Trade Account applications will normally be responded to within 2 working days.
    2. We do not like to insist on a minimum order level but products should be bought by Trade Account holders for resale or demonstration purposes. Orders for just one item may be sent via 2nd Class post.
    3. Any discount allowed is applied at the time of ordering by use of 'Promotional Codes' which will be sent to you by email for to use. These codes must not be communicated to anybody else. Misuse of the discount codes will forfeit the right to use them and any discount taken fraudulently will be recovered.Trade Account holders not placing regular orders may also forfeit the right to use the Discount Codes. Though they may still be accepted at the time of ordering by the payment system and automatic email acknowledgement sent the Order may not be accepted upon review when processing.
    4. Mekuti reserves the right to modify the discount level of Trade Account holder at any time but the in any instance of change of status the Trade Account holder will be contacted at their last known email address.
    5. We are not able to offer any credit account facilities and payment must be made at the time of ordering through the on-line system.We will endeavour to dispatch complete orders but reserve the right to despatch part orders. Account holders will not be charged extra for multiple deliveries in this circumstance.
    6. These Guidelines may be varied from time to time and Trade Account holders will be notified of this by email.
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