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HOTTERDOG JUMPERS (from Equafleece)

"Fleece Dog Jumpers for discerning dogs who like to be Warm and Dry"

Any breed of dog can feel comfortable, warm and dry all year round with an Equafleece HotterDog Jumper.

Here are three great reasons why your dog will love a new HotterDog Jumper:

  • to keep drier and cleaner during exercise
  • to keep warm overnight or when it's a bit chilly outside
  • to help stay calm at home or in potentially anxious times outside when meeting other dogs or people.

Your dog will be calm, keep warm and still look cool! Available in Black, Red, Blue and Green

+++ PLUS 10% Discount off ALL colours and ALL sizes!

Order NowChoose the size you want from XS to XL
Four smart colours: Black, Red, Green and Royal Blue

Discount continues while stocks last!

Heidi in her red dog jumperMade from premium grade, medium weight fleece, these fleece dog jumpers have excellent insulating properties, keep the worst of the rain and mud off and have good body coverage without interfering with a dog's personal and social activities!

Protecting the body mass away from the damp, cold and mud is really helpful when it comes to keeping your dog comfortable and it is always easier to wash and dry a jumper than a dog!

These fleece dog jumpers are both functional and fashionable without being too fussy making a dog jumper the perfect gift with sizes to fit small, medium and large dogs.

Like the TTouch Body Wrap and Equafleece T-Shirt, a dog jumper helps to reduce anxiety and keep calm during stressful times and is particularly helpful with any noise anxiety during a time of year when some people seem to enjoy setting off fireworks at any time of day.

NOTE: You can still use the HotterDog Jumper in conjunction with the Mekuti Balance Harness to stop your dog pulling.

HotterDog jumpers on two staffies going on summer holiday!
Two staffies ready and set to go off on their British Summer Holiday!

Mutley in his smartt new green HotterDog jumper
Mutley in his smart new jumper.
Lurchers always need a bit more protection for the undercarriage
[Mutley says: please nte the current colour Green is a lot darker than shown in this picture]

HotterDog Runners on frost
Heidi and Meg enjoying a glorious run in a frosty field.

The dogs cuddling up to Rachael and keeping warm in their dog jumpers up on the hills

Available in Red, Black, Green and Royal Blue
(Please note that colours shown are only approximate and show up differently on different displays and devices.)

How does it work ?

The EquaLX creates a layer of warm air around the wearer and the fleece acts as a barrier against rain, actively repelling water while allowing the escape of excess heat to maintain a comfortable body temperature ( I've not experienced Meg overheating in hers).

Who would benefit from a Jumper?

  • Anxious or sound sensitive dogs
  • Elderly, stiff or arthritic dogs
  • Working dogs for recovery
  • Show dogs
  • Thin-coated dogs
  • Post-operative recovery

Relaxing, calming and easy to maintain
The HotterDog Jumper comes with Meg's personal recommendation – she's been warm, dry and so relaxed as it also appears to have the same calming effect as theEquafleece t-shirt and the TTouch Body Wrap.

Conveniently, her jumper also washes up an absolute treat, drying in no time at all, and she looks pretty smart too!

Mucky Dog next to a clean dog in a HotterDog Jumper
Put the jumper on the one that gets mucky in the first place, the jumper is easier to clean!!!

HOTTERDog Fleece Jumpers

Mekutilogo (6K)Jumper Colours
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Drying off your dog in record time!

Our dog, Meg, is blessed with a coat that doesn't hold gallons of water (or mud – it just seems like it when she leaves a trail all over the sofas!) but it still holds the damp, even after a rub-down with a towel. She is also prone to being cold.

The problem came to a head over the New Year when she got drenched and had to wait in the van while we were visiting parents. She got SO cold that it took her a few days to recover. I vowed to find something that would:

  • Keep the worst of the rain off
  • Keep her warm
  • Be wearable indoors and out
  • Not make her look fancy!
  • Fit properly – (how many coats slip?)
  • Be strap free
  • Have good body coverage without interference of bodily functions!
  • Be comfortable

I've found it! The Hotter Dog Jumper. Made from premium grade, medium weight EquaLX fleece, it's claimed to maintain its velvety texture without pilling.

Read what some of our customers have said...

"The jumper is great, my staffie who is scared of fireworks heard some on the TV twice today, normally he would be scared for the rest of the day listening and waiting for more, but as he was wearing his jumper at the time he was absolutely fine and did not seem to be bothered at all by the noise he once hated."
F. Cox

"With the snow outside I put their jumpers on and they loved them, they are such nice quality and cosy. The dogs are sleeping beside the roaring fire with their jumpers on, very snug and very happy, thanks for such a great product for two oldies! From a greatful Labrador and Westie, and human companion."
Mrs S. Bishop

"Many thanks received the next day - fantastic service - can't wait for it to rain so she can wear her jumper "

Cosutomer Picture"I just had to let you know that I am delighted with the HOTTERDOG SWEATER that I received this morning, it fits my dog perfectly. Thank you for such prompt delivery, I ordered it very late on Sunday evening and received it first thing this morning(Tuesday)."
Sylvia Clifton

Factsheet 2

Extra Small £16.95 ... Discount Price ... £15.26
Small £19.95 ... Discount Price ... £17.96
Medium Sorry, sadly unavailable
Large Sorry, sadly unavailable
Extra Large Sorry, sadly unavailable

Four smart colours: Black, Red, Green and Royal Blue.

** Please check our stock listing before ordering.
We try and keep it as up to date as possible but if it indicates we are low on stock it may be a good idea to give a 2nd choice colour using the comments box.

Items shown below as 'only 1 left' are short of stock, please give an alternative preference when ordering.

Items shown as 'Sadly unavailable' will not be restocked for the time being.

To choose the correct size, please refer to the chart below.

Size   Colour


Above prices are plus P+P, which for UK customers ordering up to £90 worth of goods will be £4.95. so you can order 3 jumpers and still only pay £4.95 shipping (click on the link for more details).


Stock News
(Updated 28 December 2020)

We endeavour to keep this information up to date but thie numbers on the stock listing is NOT 'automatically' updated.
Please suggest your 2nd choice colour when you order, just in case.

Size Black Red Blue Green
XS In stock only 1 left Sadly, unavailable Sadly, unavailable
Small In stock Out of Stock Out of Stock In stock
Medium Out of Stock Out of Stock Out of Stock Out of Stock
Large Out of Stock Out of Stock Out of Stock Out of Stock
XL Out of Stock Out of Stock Out of Stock Out of Stock

Please note the stock information shown in this table does not include unprocessed orders.

Please choose the correct size for your dog
Particularly note Chest Size (B) and Neck Size (C) as the jumper must be able to fit comfortably over the head and not be too tight around the chest, so pick the LARGEST size that will fit.

If in doubt choose BIGGER!

Please Note: It is important to measure your dog before placing your order.

Important: Returns for incorrect sizing or refund must be folded neatly in its original packaging and completely free from dog hair or may be subject to a £3.00 re-stocking fee per item.

Collar to Tail (A)
Chest (B)
Neck (C)
 How to measure your dog:
Extra Small
28 – 34cm

33 – 40cm
13" – 15 1/2"

22 – 27cm
8 1/2" – 10 1/2"

Hotter jumper measure pic
35 – 44cm
43 – 52cm
17" – 20 1/2"
30 – 35cm
12" – 13 3/4"
45 – 55cm
55 – 64cm
21 1/2" – 25"
36 – 42cm
14" – 16 1/2"
56 – 66cm
67 – 76cm
26 1/2" – 30"
43 – 49cm
17" – 19 1/4"

Extra Large

66 – 76cm
78 – 87cm
31" – 34 1/2"
49 – 55cm
19 1/4" – 21 1/2"


These are new sizing details updated in Spring 2012, if you are re-ordering to add to a previous order you must remeasure your dog to make sure you are choosing the correct size.

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