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Neem Products

Sad Neem LeafSadly, our final stock of Neem Genie products has ended.

David Nabbs sadly passed away a couple of years ago, and Neem Genie was his company which supplied us for many years. As a result, the whole product range has now been discontinued.

We would like to recognise David's dedication to enhancing the availability and usage of Neem, not just in the UK but in many other countries.

David created, tested, developed and marketed many innovative and excellent products such as the Neem Triple Treat dog chews, the Neem Genie Stick along with a whole range of shampoos combatting mites, and skin treatments for eczema and psoriasis which have helped and given relief to many dogs and people alike.

His work rate and dedication were legendary. His memory will live on in the many hearts and minds of those who got the opportunity to lend him their ear.