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©2004 – 2017 Mekuti and Rachael Greenland

Canine Cooler Bed ®

The Canine Cooler is really popular with our dogs as they get the choice of how they keep their temperature regulated by cooling themselves gently without getting wet or too cold!

The Cooler Bed is ‘activated’ by just filling it with water then there is no further maintenance needed, it just always stays cool and ready to use.

Fortunately they are very resilient to tough treatment (within reason) and we still have three on the go in our dog crates and in the house.

Unfortunately, this great item is no longer being manufactured and we have not found anything of similarly standard or longevity.

It is very sad that such a high quality product has been shoved aside for cheaper alternatives and fakes, we all suffer as a consequence.

It wasn't perfect but our UK suppliers (SoothSoft) gave us super customer support, at their own expense, if anything went wrong and we would like to offer them our appreciation for the work they have done over the years.

We would be happy for anybody to contact us if they find a suitable replacement.

GSD on Canine Cooler Bed


Carpet Fluff remover




Signs that your dog could be overheating:

  • Panting
  • Pacing Around
  • Restless
  • Drinking or Licking a lot
  • Aggressive
  • Very Quiet

Canine Cooler Benefits:

  • Cools naturally (no electricity required)
  • Memory foam comfort
  • Consistently cools without chilling
  • Transportable
  • For hot dogs, post-operative/injury care, elderly or ill
  • Useful for car journeys (please don’t leave dogs in cars in the hot weather)
  • Year round use

Keep your animals cool and comfortable with the Canine Cooler.

Made with Soothsoft Technology, the Canine Cooler creates a cool, comfortable place for your companions to lie down. It helps to ease joint pains for the older animal and keeps the active youngsters cool.

The Canine Cooler is activated initially by filling with water, allowing it to 'rest' for an hour then expelling any air. Once this has been done, there is no need to empty or re-fill it ... EVER! Ours has now been in use with no maintenance except for the occasional wiping down since May 2008.

It’s not even just for dogs! Other animals also benefit from the soothing, cool comfort of this bed.

Meg’s is over 5 years old and going strong. She took to it immediately and we saw her stop overheating. Heidi now uses it and finds it far easier on her joints than her regular bed and we have peace of mind that she is kept cool on the hottest of days creating less strain on her elderly heart.

Boxer on Cooler

My WelshTerrier has Cushing's Disease, and this bed has helped her comfort just enormously. She doesn't pant nearly as much as before, and now I have to get a second one because my other dog keeps jumping on it and this causes little skirmishes."- Jane.

"I put my worst dogs on it, for treatment of pain and swelling"- Debbie, veterinarian, Greater Denver animal shelter

"This product has really improved the health of my Golden. The tile floors he lied on before really hurt his elbows."- Shirley Juan, AZ

“I have a 9 year old Newfoundland; and really LOVES his Soothsoft bed. It's easy on his joints, and he can spend the whole day on it without having to move (a big plus with a Newfie).” KR

“I want to say thanks for a great product. I have a 100 lb. golden retriever with severe allergies. With the warmer weather and everything blooming, he hasn't been able to sleep well for weeks because of constant panting. Since receiving the Canine Cooler yesterday he's been on it ever since, snoring. It's so nice to finally see him comfortable.”  Lori in Ohio