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You will only find products on our website that we actually use on our own dogs.

Our products are tested on animals ... our animals!

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Control and Training to Stop Pulling on the Lead and Promote Balanced Walking

harness pic

Mekuti Balance Harness® and Lead Set

From £38.95 (for a complete Small or Medium Harness & Lead Set)
Does your dog pull on the lead?
Try the balance harness with a  30 day money back guarantee*

Easy-fit, comfortable and fully adjustable.

This is a non-confrontational way of helping your dog to walk correctly without turning things into a battle of wills.

Sizes available from 13" Mini to 46" Extra Large.

Seven great colours and patterns to choose from making them both functional and fashionable.


Double-Ended Leads

From £13.85
Really comfortable and practical to use.

These 'Softex' double-ended leads can be used as a normal lead or with both end attached to our Balance Harness to help dogs stop pulling.

The Softex material is really comfortable and secure to hold, even with sore arthritic hands making it easy to maintain a firm grip on the lead without discomfort.

The full lead lengths are 2m, 2.5m and 3m, in colours that co-ordinate with the Mekuti Balance Harness.



From £9.20
Webbing and Softex (padded) material.

Available in all the colour vairieties of Webbing to match the Mekuti Balance Harness and Softex to match the Mekuti Double-Ended Lead.

The collars use external seams for the dog's comfort.

They are fully adjustable with self locking sliding adjusters to avoid accidental tightening.


Leg Wraps

Improve gait irregularities and leg action.

Useful for agility dogs and dogs which have had spinal or leg injuries.



Learn how to use clickers for training.

Reward based, non-confrontational, gentle, effective and rewarding for both dog and handler.

Particularly useful to help children get used to handling dogs in a positive way


Calming Products to Reduce Dog Anxiety, Fear, Aggression & Barking

Poppy wrap

Body Wraps

From £10.90
Reduce anxiety, promote calm, give confidence and reduce sensitivity to fireworks, thunder and general noise..

Particularly useful with nervous dogs and during firework season like at Bonfire Night or the New Year and trips to the vet.

NOTE: dogs cannot be left unattended with the Body Wrap

calming band thumbnail

Calming Bands

From £11.75
Helps with excessive barking, chewing and licking.

Can particularly help when visitors come to your home or when showing fear or being aggressive towards other dogs.

The Mekuti Calming Band stops your dog from getting into the 'Zone' so you can attract it's attention without using any force.


Books and Miscellaneous Products


We have books on understanding your dog's calming signals, Behaviour Adjustment Training and TTouch: gentle, animal centred methods of training which are fun for you and your dog, and more

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