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Also known as 'ASSESSOR HANDS'

Safe handling and assessment for sensitive animals.


The Mekuti Assessor Hand is the perfect tool for assessing and desensitizing touch sensitive animals particularly 'in rescue', or general training to help with close and safe handling.

Assessor Hands

FAKE HAND (Assessor Hand)
rubber hand (left only) on a dowel with padded arm.

Mekuti Fake Hands (Assessor Hands) are an essential tool for all rescue centres and animal behaviour practitioners.

They are designed to give a nervous or wild animal an opportunity to learn new ways of coping with both touch and people.

Our hands are constantly giving off information (e.g. heat/cold and even static) which can be sensed by the dog. The Mekuti Assessor Hand is neutral.

You are able to touch the animal whilst remaining in full view of them – nervous animals can react more fearfully when they feel crowded and the hand gives them the space to think and breathe.

How many times have you worked with a potentially aggressive animal and worried about being bitten?

With the Mekuti Assessor Hand you can be close to them and feel confident that if you do go further than they can handle the only bite marks will be in the rubber!

They will pick up on your confidence and feel more comfortable with you there. You will also not be tempted to pull the hand away quickly and stimulate the chase instinct (especially in cats).

Assessor Hands help with:
  • Assessing fearful and potentially aggressive animals safely
  • Allows an animal to be touched without fear of being grabbed
  • Getting an animal used to being touched and handled in non-threatening way
  • Keeps both the animal and you feeling safe and confident.


Medium – 45 cm (£65 + VAT)
helpful in kennels where space is restricted

Long – 59 cm (£75 + VAT)
for working with larger animals or particularly aggressive cases.