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If you do have a preferred colour mention it in the comments box when you order. We cannot guarantee to have one in stock but we will do our best to match your choice.

Price:  £4.20



Clicker Training for Dogs ... (hardback)

An excellent introduction to Clicker Training

Price:  £10.95


This book is about a gentle, humane, hands-off system of training that allows your pet to take a full and active part in the process.

Clicker training is not the only way to train your dog, however, it teaches your dog to think and learn in a way that is exciting, rapid, humorous and above all fun.

This book is for those who just cannot wait to pick up a clicker and get going but may be unsure where to start.

It gives step-by-step guidance on getting started; what type of treats to use; when to use them; and progresses on to establishing behaviours and even how to teach tricks!

110 pages, Full Colour (hardback) –- by Karen Pryor