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Leg Wraps

Leg Wraps can help with:

  • Gait irregularities in preparaation for showing

  • Recovery from surgery or trauma

  • Helps agility dogs from hitting jumps

  • Problems using the litter tray

  • Feeling grounded

NB: Sold in pairs – Colours may vary but we usually only have BLACK in stock.

Leg Wraps (pair)


4cm – 9cm (1.5" – 3.5")
5cm – 13cm
(2" – 5")
12cm – 16cm
(4.75" – 6.25")



All prices include VAT

How it Works

These simple neoprene and velcro straps are wrapped around front or hind legs (or both) to gently bring the animals awareness to the limb and the foot and their use of them.

An agility dog that keeps knocking jumps down will be able to work out where its feet are in relation to the jump or the ground and make the necessary adjustments.

Anxious animals can lose their contact with the ground – which can only add to their unsteadiness (mentally).

If you have a nervous or worried, dog try this – using the back of the hand only and WITHOUT LEANING OVER THE DOG gently stoke down their leg towards the foot.

Do they move either it or themselves away from your hand?

This increased sensitivity to touch is not un-common and using a leg wrap can help them to re-awaken their connection to their limbs.




"My dog, Fred, has degeneration of the nerve endings in his back legs which kept causing him to fall down. My vet, Paul Grant, recommended the Mekuti Leg Wraps and Fred has never looked back.

"He is very steady now. I call them his miracle bands and am so grateful to Mekuti for giving him back his pleasure and his confidence in his walks.

"They have made such a difference in his life. A huge thank you."

Annie Rumbold, Orpington