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Perfect for using with the Mekuti Balance Harness to stop pulling.
Allows two points of contact making dog walking easier and more pleasurable.
Multiple rings on the lead means it can be used as a normal lead of varying lengths.

Matching collars are also available.

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Made with 'Softex' material
Padded woven material which is strong but gentle on the hands. Mekuti Double-Ended Leads are comfortable to hold even in cold and wet weather. This lead is also popular with users who have sore or arthritic hands. Please refer to our further notes about this product.

Two different size Trigger Hooks
A smaller one to attach to the side of the harness (or even a head halter) and a larger one to attach to the back of the harness (or collar). The lead width is ¾" and available in 2.5, 2 and 3 metre lengths.

For heavier set and stronger dogs
We recommend considering using a lead with two large trigger hooks. These leads are available in ¾" or 1" widths and in lengths of either 2 or 3 metres. (Click here)

The lead can also be used as a normal lead
You can attach it to a collar or the back of the harness and adjust the length or make a comfortable handle by clipping the other end to one of the rings on the lead allowing you a greater degree of control or more freedom for your dog.

Note: SAVE £2.00 OFF the combined price when buying a Harness & Lead Set

Softex Double-Ended Leads

Standard ¾" width features a smaller trigger hook on one end, generally used with the Small and Medium sized Mekuti Balance Harnesses.

The 1" option features large clips on both ends and is generally used with the Large Mekuti Balance Harness.

Mekuti Double-Ended Leads can clip to rings on the lead itself to form a handle and used as a regular lead.

Choose from:

  • 2 metres long, ¾" wide, (19mm)
    (small and large trigger hook)
    – for a general purpose lead.

  • 2 metres long, 1" wide (25mm)
    (large trigger hooks at both ends)
    – for bigger dogs.

  • 2.5 metres long, ¾" wide
    (small and large trigger hook)
    – for smaller dogs, to prevent you from stooping.

  • 3 metres long, ¾" wide
    (small and large trigger hook)
    – for use as a long-line or training lead, allowing more freedom for the dog when both ends are clipped to the Mekuti Balance Harness.

  • 3m metres long, 1" wide
    (large trigger hooks at both ends)

    – for use as a long-line or training lead on bigger dogs and suitable for use with the Large Mekuti Balance Harness.


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2m ¾" Softex with Large Clips

2 metres long, narrow ¾" width
An alternative to the standard lead which comes with the Medium Harness but has
large clips for heavier set dogs. Only available in a limited range of colours.
Price from £14.45

(Please note: our 1" wide leads also have large trigger hooks on both ends.)


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2.5m Webbing Lead

Narrow ½" width (12mm).
This 2.5m Webbing Double-Ended Lead is not padded and is designed to be used in conjunction with the Mini size Mekuti Balance Harness which requires smaller fittings.

It can also be used as a normal lead with a handle or a light Training Lead.


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Mekuti Double-Ended Lead
– benefits and uses:

  • Stops Pulling on the lead
  • Reduce Lunging and its impact on the handler
  • Animals that escape from their harness or head halter
  • Can also be used as a normal lead of varying lengths
  • Comfortable and secure to hold, even in the wet
  • Eases painful hands for arthritis sufferers when walking their dog
Made in Great Britain

"My favourite product is the double-ended lead. The fact that it is wider and kind of padded has been invaluable to me as a person with arthritis in my hands.
Thanks, Rachael, for all the good I've gotten out of your leash. Before I had it I hurt four of my fingers in a long-term way, two of which are permanently swollen. So you can imagine how I only use your leash and no other."
S. Robinson, U.S.

"My lead is fabulous, I work at a rescue centre so its very good for dogs who need a halti or harness or just basic lead training. It is already much used, so thank you for a brilliant product!"

Softex®colours available for Double-Ended Leads and matching Collars

Black Softex - Black (1K)
Purple Softex - purple (1K)
Royal Blue Softex - Royal (1K)
Red Softex - Red (1K)
Emerald Softex - Emerald (1K)
Cedar & Navy Softex - Navy Cedar stripe (1K)
Red & Navy Softex - Red Navy stripe (1K)
Royal & Emerald Softex - Emerald Royal stripe (1K)

Please note that colours shown are only approximate.

Please also note: This is not a lead with two ends and one handle. It is a lead with a trigger hook on each end, and is not designed to walk two dogs with one lead.

Please also also note that the lead is made from a woven material and is not bite resistant.

Special care must be taken to young or nervous dogs and your dog. The lead must not be used to tether your dog.

Please also also also note that the dimensions given in our descriptions of the double-ended leads refer to the width of the lead material, and not the trigger hooks.

Matching Collars are available

New Product
3 metre long,
1" wide
Double-Ended Leads

(available in ALL colours)