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Please accept our apologies, we are reviewing our collection of products at the moment and don't currently have an up to date Brochure in print or available for download.

Meanwhile, you may also wish to look at our Problem Solving Page
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Coping with Dog Anxiety Without Using Drugs:
Separation, Sound Sensitivity or Agression towards other dogs

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What other people say about Mekuti and our products :-

What the professional says

"Pulling on the lead is a highly rewarding behaviour, and one that is often well established before puppies come to class.
The balance harness together with the double-ended lead is a gentle approach to teaching a dog how to be in control of its body without causing pain and physical harm to the tender neck area. In my experience as a behaviour counsellor, I have found that neck pain resulting from pulling on the lead can result in a dog demonstrating on-lead aggressive behaviour.
Once owners have been shown how to use each of the lead attachments independently and give clear signals to the dog, they find that very quickly their dog will start to respond to the lightest touch, and there is no need for any further tension on the lead.
One of the most frequent comments I get about the balance harness is how much calmer dogs are when walked in them, and how very quickly, walking the dog changes from a battle to a pleasure."
Sarah Marsh CABP (COAPE)  Tellington TTouch Practitioner P1   Bucks

More Clients

"Your service was excellent. I ordered lunchtime one day and received my goods the very next day."
Mrs. Hopkins

"Dylan did so well this year - he had the herbs from Dorwest and with the T-shirt he did absolutely fantastically (with the fireworks). Last year was so awful for him so I am really pleased.
Dylan is 13yrs old, we rescued him as a 1yr old with a disabled back leg. Our vets were of the opinion that he would probably have just 3 or 4 years of active life. But with all the advances in medicine for dogs we are so happy that we have been able to give him a wonderful life. he is a real hero, he hasn't had the best of luck with illness but he bore all the things that have gone wrong like a brave boy and we are so proud him."
J. Wilkinson

More independent customer reviews can be read on our Comments and Reviews Page


Sarah Marsh

Mulberry Puppy School & Pet Behaviour Centre


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