Firework Fright and Dogs 3 – Building a Den

If your dogs are anything like mine, and many others, as soon as there is a bang, they will head off for somewhere dark, enclosed, and small! Meg used to go under my chest of drawers until I made her a cosy den with a crate, a duvet and lots of padding.

The following video shows how to create a safe haven during fireworks season.


The things to remember are:

  • set the den up in a quiet corner, in the main room if that is where they like to be;
  • if you are using a crate, cover as much of it as you can with a duvet or blankets, to ensure most of the light is blocked out, and any sounds are well muffled;
  • consider using old pillows to create bumpers around the inside which will give your dog something to push their backs into;
  • pad the bottom well, and use enough bedding that they will be comfortable, without getting too hot or too chilly;
  • give them something to chew whilst in there (like a stuffed Kong, knuckle bone, etc.);
  • keep the entrance accessible, but easy to cover over when the dog is in;
  • if there are lights near the den, switch them off when the dog is in residence;
  • Rules one, two and three are – WHEN YOUR DOG IS IN THEIR DEN – DO NOT DISTURB. No peeking, no poking, no nuffink! Leave them alone! It’s THEIR space. If they want your company, they will find you.
  • Breathe.

If you have no access to a crate or handy chest of drawers as in the video, use your imagination. You can drape a duvet over the back of a sofa and create a tube/tunnel with the bed tucked inside, of kit out a large cardboard box. Go and have fun with it.

Encourage your dog inside their new safe place with treats, or by tossing a toy in. Don’t worry if they show little interest in it to start with -it’s just to let them know it’s there.

Enjoy the process…

Meg in her den

Meg in her den



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