About Mekuti

Mekuti came into being in 2004. During my training to be a TTouch practitioner I saw very clearly that animals could be treated with respect whilst both human and animal had their needs met.

It was my animal companions (and their respective issues) had bought me to TTouch so I named the company after their them Meg, Kugel and Tigger. Further research found that Mekuti was a buddhist monk, which I thought was appropriate.

Mekuti is a small company, run with animals, not particularly profits, in mind. You won’t get flashy packaging or presentation, but you will get equipment that really helps and support either by email or phone. We are also developing our on-line presence to promote animal centered thinking and force free practise through Facebook, our blog pages and small publications in eBook, PDF and print formats.

All of the Mekuti branded products are made in the UK.

I hope our products will be able to help you and your companion animals.

Rachael Greenland


My aims :

  • To supply good quality equipment that fits well and works
  • To dispatch orders that are received before 1pm. on the same working day (when in stock)
  • To bring awareness of animal-centered techniques to a wider audience