At the UKRCB Symposium

At the UKRCB Symposium

The Mekuti Stand at this year’s event is focussing on the Balance Harness with Extra Neck Clip for dog who are sensitive around the head.


We are also featuring our new Affiliate Scheme which helps people who are not in a position to stock Mekuti products but would like to join the many trainers and dog clubs who recommend particularly the harness to stop dogs from pulling and our other products which help to reduce anxiety.

This is particularly important at this time of year with fireworks and all the other exciting bits that happen around Christmas.

see how well behaved our ‘dog’ Fido is in front of the table?


The Mekuti Calming Band


The  Calming Band is for outdoor and indoor use but is particularly useful on holiday when we are in strange and unfamiliar surroundings.

With our Mutley, it helps to reduce excessive barking and stress by making gentle contact around the muzzle without actually restricting any movement, which means he is still able to drink, eat and pant.

It has a noticeable calming effect and is perfect for journeys, on walks or just sitting outside a pub especially when other dogs are around.

It’s most noticeable and really useful effect is stopping him from going ‘into the zone’ where nothing at all gets in and we can’t get his attention.

We also use it with Meg when we get visitors to the house, again it helps her to avoid getting into the zone and helps her calm down much easier with a lot less barking on the way.

Got to be honest, it’s not their most favourite thing in the world and they sometimes try and rub it off so sometimes loosening it a slight amount, a few warm encouraging words and a gentle stroke helps.

The Mekuti Balance Harness


Mekuti Balance Harness

The Mekuti Balance Harness with double-ended lead gently and effectively helps your dog to stop pulling so you can enjoy your walks!

The harness is suitable for all breeds and fully adjustable, ensuring a comfortable fit.

You use the lead to alternate and release any tension between the side and back of the harness adjusting the dog’s balance so there is nothing to pull against and the ‘opposition reflex’ is not triggered.

These two points of connection allow effective influence, communication and control of your dog without pressure on the neck, the face or the spine.