The Mekuti Way

The Mekuti Way

The Mekuti Way is where you can find information on Mekuti products and practices as well as a place to ask questions and get answers, not just from us but possibly others visiting the site in a more informal way through comments on the blog posts.

We feature not just our products but other training ideas we come across which sometimes are useful to engage with at certain times of the year such as during the firework season or going on holidays.

The pages are regularly updated and you can sign up to be notified as and when updates occur or you can just bookmark it and visit when you feel like it. As we’ve only just started doing this section at the end of August there isn’t much there at the moment but there will be!

Basically, it’s the place where we’ll be talking about what we are doing and what we are thinking.

It is also a place where you can get to find out more about the animals we live with … it appears they have found their own online voice now and again!


Finding your way around

Click on either one of the Menu headings at the top or one of the Categories on the right hand side for entries on different subjects. You can also use the Search area for anything more specific.

Have a wander around … even make a comment! The more the merrier as it’s always good to share our individual experiences and read about others.

12 thoughts on “The Mekuti Way

  1. I would be really grateful for some advice to help 3 of my 4 dogs.
    Lilly is about 2 &a Romanian dog with issues that I’d love to sort for her……Lilly is almost totally deaf and her major problem is that she barks at everything….dogs in the distance,dogs close by,lorries,vans,suv’s,noisy vehicles,loud vehicles,vehicles that come too close,…………..
    Baxter pulls he is a Jack Russell who is very reactive mainly to dogs who come too near he will lose it big time……I think the harness and band are what he he needs,,,
    Ronni is my foster girl a big puppy who has had no puppyhood…..but is now bless her…….She was tethered for most of her life so does everything by circling……..I think that as she pulls and is very strong a Metuki harness and lead set is needed plus the band………..
    Any helpful ideas,help in general and successful hints are VERY welcome 3 out of 4 dogs with issues is a lot of worry……..

    • Yes, possibly the Calming Band and the Mekuti Balance Harness may help, or even a T-Shirt.

      Remember you have 30 days to try things out to see if they are working for you in you own specific situation. It’s OK to send them back in a used state if you want to return them and you will still get a refund.

      Hope this helps.
      – Demetri

  2. Rona has had diarrhoea for 16 days it’s inflammarory not infectious …’s calming at last with small meals very frequently and probiotic medicines…..any ideas please please share………….

    • Sorry, Angie, we can only give advice on issues relating to our own products.

      If you dog is showing signs of any illness or discomfort for any length of time we recommend you seek the advice of a vet as soon as possible.

  3. Thankyou for the replies.
    I will be measuring the dogs and send it an order in today.
    Lilly is very scared but shows it by barking and seeming aggressive when really she needs help….her deafness make life very hard for her too……
    I’m hoping Baxter,Lilly and Rona will pull lots less…….

  4. I have an English springle spaniael and he pull very hard. I tried halti head collar and he managed get it off in 2 minutes . I bought him a dogmatic head collar and he chewed that one up. So I just use a harness go for walk and he pulls very hard when he picks up a new sencts. I use half-chock chain at the obedient class as all the head collar he is able to take off and it becomes a battle during class and eventually I gave up but I am still looking a harness that slow him down when we are doing heel work.

    • You describe a common problem.
      Try the Mekuti Balsnce Harness Set which comes with the right sort of double ended lead which will help you allow you dog to focus upon his balance and help him to walk without pulling.

      When you buy online you get 30 days to try it out to make sure the system is right for you in your situation. If not, you can return it for a refund!
      See how it goes.

  5. I have a dog with a diagnosed fatty lump, the problem is that it’s between and just behind her front legs, just before where her chest strap meets her girth strap. Has anyone any suggestions of how to add some fleece protection to this strap. Thanks jane

    • I have referred your issue to Rachael who will get back to you on this.

      Our Meg—the black and white sprollie in all the pictures—had something like that in a similar position, but the harness never caused an issue with it and we just adjusted the harness straps away.


  6. Hi there

    any advice on harnesses for a pulling 15 week old Dalmatian? I am using a soft harness at the moment, but as you know, it is to tight around the neck when Quito pulls and it slips round etc….I need some advice asap 🙂

    • Hello Viola,

      It is important to get a harness that will fit now. They are all fully adjustable between the sizes shown on the website page. In the case of the Medium, this is between 20″ and 30″ (51cm to 76cm). But before he reaches that size it may be that you feel that the 1″ wide material and lead may be more appropriate because of his build. The Large adjusts between 25″ and 35″ (64cm to 90cm). However, it is important to make sure that the harness you buy is not too big at the time when you are using it.

      Instructions on how to do this come with your order and if you ever need further advice you can always send an email or give us a call.

      I hope this helps,

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