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"My dog pulls on the lead, my shoulders ache and it's getting so that I don't enjoy walks any more.

"What can I do?"

Tommy the terrier pulling on a lead

Pulling on the lead is an easy habit to get into and often dogs pull when they are out of balance or when they're just plain excited!

A Mekuti Balance Harness with a Double-Ended Lead can help your dog to become more aware of the way it is walking and where it's balance is when the handler brings attention to the two points of contact on the harness with the lead.Tommy the terrier walking loose on the lead

We're sure that soon, both you and your dog will be able to delight in your walks again and with our Money Back Guarantee you have 30 days to try it out!

This harness works on dogs of all breeds, shapes and sizes. You can even choose from a range of 7 great colours.

Benefits of using a Mekuti dog harness
  • Prevent and stop your dog pulling on the lead.

  • Improve control, speed and direction gently.

  • Reduce reactivity towards other dogs and traffic etc.

  • Improves posture which can reduce back and shoulder problems in both the dog and the handler!

Made in Great Britain
  • Fully adjustable to make the perfect fit for any type or size of dog. It is comfortable for the dog and secure.

  • Recommended by trainers to assist with general training and to stop pulling.

  • Promotes even muscle development which can help with a dog's recovery from injury or hip dysplasia.

    Further Information and details

    View more pictures of the Harness

This page is where to buy the Mekuti Balance Harness and Lead together.

Please use this link to buy the Mekuti Balance Harness by itself

Medium dog harness

Ferdy in small dog harness

Mekuti Balance Harness & Lead Set

MINI     (13" – 17" rib cage)                      23.60

The Mini Harness webbing is 1/2" wide (12mm) and the Set comes with a 1/2" wide, 2.5 metre Double-Ended Lead, made from WEBBING material (not Softex) and has lightweight small trigger hooks on both ends. Only available in Black or Red

Size: MINI




SMALL    (17" – 23" rib cage)                  28.90

The Small Harness webbing is 3/4" wide (19mm) and the Set comes with a 3/4" wide, 2.5 metre Double-Ended Lead, made from Softex and with one end with a small trigger hook.

Size : SMALL

Colour: (View colours)

Lead Length Option:


MEDIUM    (20" – 30" rib cage)                £29.95

The Medium Harness webbing is 3/4" wide (19mm) and the Set comes with a 3/4" wide, 2 metre Double-Ended Lead, made from Softex and with one end with a small trigger hook, with an option for choosing the LONG 3 metre version.


Colour: (View colours)

Lead Length Option:


NOTE: For 'heavier set' dogs measuring over 25" such as a Staffordshire Bull Terrier, GSD or Labrador crosses etc. you may wish to consider the Large size, as everything is 1" wide rather than 3/4" wide. Many customers have reported that the Large feels more comfortable and secure for them even though their dog could actually fit into a Medium.

LARGE    (25" – 35" rib cage)                  £35.25

The Large Harness webbing is 1" wide (25mm) and the Set comes with a 1" wide, 2 metre Double-Ended Lead, made from Softex and with large trigger hooks on both ends, with an option for choosing the LONG 3 metre version.

Size : LARGE

Colour: (View colours)

Lead Length Option:


EXTRA LARGE    (30" – 46" rib cage)     37.35

The Extra Large Harness webbing is 1" wide (25mm) and the Set comes with a 1" wide, 2 metre Double-Ended Lead, made from Softex with large trigger hooks on both ends.

The Harness is only available in BLACK or RED but you can specify ANY COLOUR Lead from our range in the "Comments Box" as you complete your Order.



Lead Length Option:



Medium Dog Harness with extra Neck clip

Harness Set with Optional Neck Clip (£2.65 extra)
This is specifically for dogs that dislike anything being pulled over their head, with large or sensitive ears, or following surgery. The harness still needs to be clipped on at the sides but also clips on like a collar or necklace around the neck. (Not available in Mini size)

See above for details on which style lead comes with which size.

Small (17" – 23" rib cage) £31.55
Medium (20" – 30" rib cage) £32.60
Large (25" – 35" rib cage) £37.90
Extra Large (30" – 46" rib cage) £40.00

Size :
(What size do I need?)


Lead Length Option:


Please note, all prices shown include VAT
Value Added Tax is for the UK and EU countries, this will be deducted if the goods are exported to non-EU countries

The Mekuti Balance Harness Set – further details

The Mekuti Balance Dog Harness Set comes with a Double-Ended Lead in a colour that goes with the harness.
The Mekuti Double-Ended Leads that come with the Set are designed specifically to be used with the size of harness they relate to for comfort of the dog and the dog walker, as there are different lead lengths and widths for different size harnesse.

Our standard Double-Ended Leads are made from SOFTEX: a padded material, which is really comfortable to use, doesn't get slippy in the rain and is strong enough to hold any dog. They can also be easily used as a regular lead by clipping one of the trigger hooks to one of the extra rings along the lead to make a loop handle of varying lengths. Many of our customers who have had sore hands or painful shoulders are delighted as to how reassuring these leads are to use.

You can also buy the Harness only, by itself
You can buy the harness by itself by clicking on this text if you already have a suitable double-ended lead.

PLEASE NOTE: in order to promote balanced walking and to stop your dog pulling the harness MUST be used with a suitable double-ended lead. This lead also needs to have the clip feed through a metal ring, 1" in diameter. (On the Mini harness this ring is only 1/2")

Fully adjustable for the best fit:
The Mekuti Balance Harness is FULLY ADJUSTABLE within the size range you choose for your dog. It can be adjusted on the Neck Straps, the Chest Strap and the Barrel Straps around the ribs to make the perfect fit for any breed, type, size or shape of dog

To find the correct size for your dog, measure around the rib cage

Small, Medium and Large Harnesses are vailable in 7 different colours. (See colours below)  Mini Harnesses are available in Black or Red and the Extra Large Harnesses are only available in Black.

Please also note that the Harnesses and Leads are made from different material so they 'Co-Ordinate' in colour rather than exactly 'Match'.

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Colours available

Harness material colour Co-ordinating Lead Colour  
Black black_small (1K) Softex Black Black
Red web - red small (1K) Softex Red Red OR with
Red-Navy option
Purple purple_small (1K) Softex Purple Purple
Cedar cedar_small (1K) Softex Cedar/Navy Cedar-Navy
Royal Blue Web - royal small Softex - royal - small Royal Blue OR with new
Royal-Emerald option
Navy Gypsy navy_gyp_small (3K) Softex Red/Navy Red-Navy OR new
Navy Blue option
Green Gypsy green_gypsy_small (1K) Softex Emerald Royal-Emerald
    ... or Emerald

Please note that colours shown are approximate and only an indication.

New Products
NAVY BLUE Softex Leads
(Goes really well with the Navy Gypsy harness)

(Coordinates well with the
Royal Blue and Green Gypsy harnesses)

Matching Collars are also available

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Choosing the correct size harness for your dog

The Dog Harness comes in five sizes (all are adjustable within the size range).

The Mekuti Balance Harness is FULLY ADJUSTABLE within the size range you choose for your dog. It can be adjusted on the Neck Straps, the Chest Strap and the Barrel Straps around the ribs to make the perfect fit for any breed, type, size or shape of dog.

Generally, pick the harness with the measurement closest to the middle of the size range but you may have to make allowances if your dog is still growing as a puppy, thick set or slight in build.

This is especially the case when choosing between the Medium or Large sizes if your dog's rib measurement is 28 inches, for instance, which would fit both. Note also that in the large size 1" webbing and Softex materials is used for the harness and lead, as opposed to the 3/4" in the medium harness and lead.

Measure in all the way around the ribs behind the front legs.

How to measure Dog Harness

Please note the following webbing widths apply for all harnesses
Mini – 1/2" webbing
Small and Medium – 3/4" webbing
Large and Extra Large – 1" webbing

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The Mekuti Balance Harness has more than one beneficial use:

  • Stop pulling on the lead
  • Assistance with helping your dog's even muscle development, particularly if hip displasia is an issue.
  • Anxious behaviour when being exercised
  • Improved control, allowing both you and your dog the opportunity to enjoy your time together, with no shouting!
  • Nervous dogs - the harness is designed to be put on without having to lift the legs, or manhandle them in anyway, so it's very useful for rescue dogs.
  • Dog or people-aggressive dogs can be led safely between 2 people, being attached to both by a lead to add to their confidence and help them to cope in these situations.

Caring for your Harness

  • TAKE SPECIAL CARE IF YOU WALK YOUR DOG NEAR THE SEA. Salt will corrode and damage the rings and may cause untimely wear to the webbing as well and will invalidate the guarantee, so it is very important to rinse off any salt water and make sure there is no sand left on the harness.
  • Occasionally, put the harness and lead inside an old pillowcase and wash at 40° C with your usual wash. Dry in the air, not a tumble drier.
  • Keeping the harness clean will prolong its life and make it more comfortable for your dog.
  • Check your harness regularly for signs of wear. Any damage to the webbing or stitching will weaken it.

Why do dogs pull?

Dogs learn very quickly. When a dog pulls on the lead a few times & realises that you follow it quickly becomes a habit. All the shouting and pulling on the dogs neck will do little to stop the behaviour, possibly making it worse and more importantly possibly cause damage to your beloved companion.
It is known that badly used collars can cause:

  • Soft tissue damage to the throat or windpipe
  • Vertebral damage to the neck and shoulders

Check chains can also remove the dogs coat from around the neck and cause pinch injuries leading to hypersensitivity in the neck area.
Badly used head halters can result in whip-lash type injuries ( which is why it is recommended that they are only used with a double-ended lead to also attach to the collar as a preventative measure).

Any dog leaning into their collar will have a reduced oxygen supply to their brains, thus making it difficult for them to think clearly, or even rationally. A dog that pulls on the lead is more likely to react badly when they see other dogs or people.

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The patent pending Mekuti Balance Dog Harness is made from webbing, with multiple attachment points to give you options on where the points of contact are to be. It comes in 5 sizes, each being fully adjustable behind and in front of the legs, and underneath the chest. This ensures a close, comfortable fit that doesn't pinch or rub. The seams are external on the chest for more sensitive dogs.

If your dog is head shy or has large or sensitive ears or after surgery on the head, a Balance Harness is available (for an additional £2.50) with an extra clip to one side of the neck. This enables you to place the harness onto your dog without worrying them. (Only available in black and sizes ; small, medium & large) Click here

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How the Balance Harness system works

The Mekuti Balance Dog Harness TM enables the handler to use two points of contact with the dog. When a dog pulls, you become part of their balancing technique. By using two connection points, you can withdraw one of the balance points before taking up the other. It is very simple. The end result is a dog that is unsure what he can lean into and therefore re-learns how to balance on his own four feet without relying on you - hence "Balance Harness". Once the dog has learnt this, you give fewer and fewer signals until he is walking alongside you without your input.

Balance Dog Harness in action View more pictures of the Harness

A dog walking on a loose lead :

  • May think more clearly
  • Responds rather than reacts
  • Reduces the chance of injury
  • Is a pleasure for its handler.

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Dog Harness testimonials


Read more testimonials

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Pictures of the Dog Harness

Medium Harness 1

Medium Dog Harness 2

Undo the two clips and place the harness over the dogs head. Re-attach the clips on either side of the chest.
Medium Dog Harness 3 Medium Dog Harness 4

Attach one end of the double-ended lead (with the largest clip) to the D-Ring on the back of the harness. Then thread the other smaller clip down through the chest ring at the front. Attach the lead to the ring on the side of the harness and you are ready to start.


Mutley with purple harness

Mutley in his favourite colour Purple harness

Dog on back legs

Harris showing off the Cedar harness

Dog Harness

Harness with only one end of the double-ended lead attached

Dog Harness

Harness on Cocker Spaniel, just about to set off



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