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Webbing Collars
Colours available (matches harnesses)
Black black_small (1K)
Red web - red small (1K)
Royal Blue Webbing Royal Blue
Purple purple_small (1K)
Cedar cedar_small (1K)
Green Gypsy green_gypsy_small (1K)
Navy Gypsy navy gypsy

Webbing Collar (Adjustable)




These fully adjustable collars have been made with the seams on the outside to ensure a comfortable fit for your dog. The plastic clip will not dis-colour the coat nor pull out the fur.

Sizes :
Small – up to 12"       Webbing – £5.90   Softex – £6.90
Medium – up to 20"   Webbing – £6.40  Softex – £7.40
Large – up to 28"       Webbing – £6.90   Softex – £7.90
(For larger sizes, please contact us for a custom fit)

Please note, all prices shown include VAT (Value Added Tax)

Softex® Collars
Colours available (matches Softex leads)
Black Softex - Black (1K)
Purple Softex - purple (1K)
Royal Blue Softex - Royal (1K)
Red Softex - Red (1K)
Cedar & Navy Softex - Navy Cedar stripe (1K)
Red & Navy Softex - Red Navy stripe (1K)
Royal & Emerald Softex - Emerald Royal stripe (1K)

Softex Collar (Adjustable)



Please note that colours shown are only an indication.

Please also note that, for production reasons, the fastening clips may not always be the coordinating colour of the collar and may be black.

If you have any questions about exactly what you will receive, please contact us and we will describe what exactly is currently available. For instance, the purple collar may not always be available with purple clips (as shown in some of the pictures).